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Avengers Double Side Wearable Hooded Puffer Jacket 12155

Availability: In stock

*Please check size chart before Placing order ( Inches )
Mark: Marvels
Collection: Mamaslittle


Lining Polar Lining
Label Condition : Normal
Origin of Made China

Size Length
9-12 M
13 12.5 11
12-18 M
15 12.5 12
18-24 M () - - -
2-3 Y () - - -
3-4 Y () 18
14 14
4-5 Y () -
5-6() -
- -
6-7 Y 15 16
7-8 Y -
- -
8-9 Y
21.5 17 22
10-11 Y
- - -
11-12 Y 23 17 23
12-13 y - - -
13-14 y 25 19 28



Washing Recommendations to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

 If you want the clothes you purchased to remain intact long-term, you need to be sure to adhere to the correct washing habits.


How should you wash your clothes?

  1. Use separate detergents for white and coloured loads : You should wash your clothes with the recommended detergent according to their colours. If you use the detergent recommended for whites for your coloured clothes, the colour of your clothes will fade over time.
  2. Use the recommended amount of detergent: Using more detergent than what is recommended on the label does not ensure better hygiene for your clothes.
  3. Follow the recommended washing temperature listed on the product’s care label : If you wash your clothes according to the washing temperatures indicated on products’ care labels, you can avoid damage such as fading, wearing out or shrinking.
  4. Choose the correct wash cycle : If you choose the appropriate wash cycle according to the fabric type and soil level of the clothes to be washed, your clothes will remain intact for longer periods of time.
  5. Put your clothes into the washing machine inside out : Reversing your clothes before putting them into the washing machine prevents abrasions due to friction.
  6. Adhere to the load capacity of your washing machine : When you load the recommended amount of clothes into the washing machine, your washing machine will perform better and your clothes will be washed at the correct, desired level of cleanliness.
  7. Dry your clothes properly : By drying your clothes precisely according to your clothes’ care labels, you can ensure that the colour and shape of your clothes will remain intact for a long time.


  1. The quantities recommended on the package should be followed when using detergents. Detergents are toxic materials and using excess quantities of detergent will detrimentally affect and cause harm to the environment.
  2. For Standard washing, temperatures between 30ºC to 40ºC will be sufficient. Higher temperature means higher consumption of electricity and thus greater waste.

Maintenance recommendations according to product type:

  • Keep your clothes/products away from heat and fire. Natural or synthetic products, due to their features, are easily flammable or liquefiable.


  • For cleaning wax-covered cotton products, clean stains with a cold, moist sponge and let it dry. Do not apply dry cleaning or chemical detergents. You can apply stain-repellent solutions to the parts which frequently get dirty but be sure that those solutions do not harm the product and/or other products.
  • Due to their sewing, design and performance characteristics, care and maintenance for all outerwear should be performed according to the instructions printed on your product’s care label. Otherwise, your product may become deformed.


  • Denim products are coloured with indigo colour. Due to the natural features of indigo, their colour may fade due to washing and usage. Denim products may also rub off on other products which are exposed to rubbing during usage (such as underwear) and to other light-coloured products which are washed together.
  • Wash denim products separately or with similarly-coloured products to avoid this, and be sure to wash them inside out.


  • Swimwear (such as swimsuits, bikinis or swim shorts) may wither due to sun creams/sunscreen, tanning oils, or chlorinated water. For this reason, rinse them with cold water right after usage and dry away from direct sunlight.

Products That Should Not be Ironed:

  • Tightly twist the products (typically made of crinkle fabric) and knot them when they are damp after washing. When they are dried out, untie the knot and twist and hang them up. Do not iron these products.
  • Be especially sure not iron your pleated products.

Woolen Products:

  • If the care label indicates that your products can be washed in the washing machine, please wash them gently using a very light process.
  • Wash your other woolen clothes gently by hand in cool water, without rubbing, and rinse them out. Never dry them in a centrifugal drying machine.
  • Washing with a high temperature or drying in a centrifugal machine will cause woolen products to shrink.
  • Due to rubbing during usage, their fabric structure, and flakes on their surfaces, woolen clothes may begin to show pillage over time.
  • Iron your woolen clothes with temperatures as low as possible. Be sure not to iron them above the temperatures given in the instructions on the care labels.

Knitwear Products:

  • Wash your knitwear at a low temperature and make sure that the ironing does not exceed one or two iron marks according to the kind of the product. Be sure to follow the recommendations on care labels.
  • Due to their fabric structures, when they are hung to dry, knitwear may be deformed or stretched in size. Thus, be sure to lay and dry them according to the type of item.

Synthetic Products:

  • Products made of synthetic fabric are very sensitive to temperature. They should be washed in cool water and ironed with low heat, without steam.
  • Because of the structure of their fabric, they are easily flammable. For this reason, do not dry them near heaters such as stoves or radiators.


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Customer Reviews

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